Account Changes

Any account changes must be made in writing. This includes change of address, change of contact information, or change of financial account number. We will only accept changes from those who are authorized on the account (i.e. legal names on title or those who have been authorized by the legal names on title).

Debit Payments

Cornerstone Properties Ltd. can only accept debit for the following: rent payments and document pickup. We cannot accept debit for Strata related payments.

Document Pickup

If you have ordered documents, you will receive a phone call when they are ready for pickup. Once ready, they will be placed at our reception desk under your last name. You will need to bring a piece of Government Issued Photo ID with you so we can release the documents. If you would like to send someone on your behalf, please let us know in writing ahead of time, and we will ensure that the documents are put under the correct name. Should you like an electronic copy of your documents, you may request this after you have shown Photo ID, and paid for and picked up the documents from our reception desk.

Form F / B

Lawyers / Notary Publics

To order a Form F (Certificate of Payment) or a Form B (Information Certificate) for a sale or for mortgage purposes, Lawyers or Notary Publics can either e-mail or fax our office with the following information:

  1. Address of Sale
  2. Name of Selling Owner(s)
  3. Name of Purchasing Owner(s)
  4. PID number
  5. Completion Date
  6. What specific forms you require
  7. If the purchasing Owner will be residing within the unit
  8. Your contact information – phone number, email address, and mailing address

Within 7 business days (unless otherwise stated) we will e-mail you a copy of the forms and mail you the originals along with an invoice for the cost of the forms.


To order a Form B (Information Certificate), Realtors can log onto Strata Docs Online through the Victoria Real Estate board and obtain / order documents. If you are not a member of the Victoria Real Estate Board, please e-mail or call our office and we will discuss your options.

Form K

A Form K (Notice of Tenants Responsibilities) is required when anyone other than an immediate family member (parents or children) resides within a Strata unit. This form ensures that these individuals are registered with the Strata Corporation and that contact information is provided in case of emergency. Each Strata has specific bylaws pertaining to the management and submission of these forms. Ensure you read your bylaws carefully.

Download Form K

Incident Reports

An incident report is a form that can be filled out when an “incident” occurs on site and you wish to report it to the Strata or the Property Management Company. Incident Reports can come in many forms, but the most important aspects are that they are in writing and that they provide as many details as possible. You can never have too much information when it comes to reporting issues.

Download the Incident Report form


If you have ordered a key / fob / remote / parking pass you will receive a phone call when it is ready for pickup. Once ready, the item will be placed at our reception desk under your last name. You will need a piece of Government Issued Photo ID so we can confirm your identity. We can only accept cash or cheque for payment (unfortunately no debit or credit cards).

As we cannot guarantee availability, it is always best to call or e-mail ahead of time so that we can ensure a key is on site for you to pick up.

Power Of Attorney / Estate Information

Please note that only the names legally registered through Land Titles can obtain information or make changes to the account. If you are not on the title, we need permission from those who are to make any changes or release any information. If you have a POA or are the Executor of an Estate, we will require paperwork to confirm your identity. This is to protect our client’s privacy and investment as an Owner.

Late Rent

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. If the 1st falls on a holiday or a weekend, you must ensure that your Rent is paid or provided before the next business day. A late fee of $25.00 will automatically be added to any account where rent has not been received by the 1st of each month. Please call our office and speak to your Property Manager if you anticipate your rent being late or if your bank has made an error.

Noise Complaints

Living in a multi-unit dwelling has its pros and cons. Noise can certainly become an issue when living in such close quarters. Should you wish to make a noise complaint, please contact your Property Manager in writing so they may bring up the issue with the Strata Council. The Council may decide to send a letter letting your neighbour know that a complaint has been made. To protect your privacy, your identity is not revealed during this process. It is helpful to have dates, times, and specific details of the noise so that the Council and Property Manager can follow up with the most accurate information.

Pre Authorized Withdrawal

There are many ways you can pay your rent or strata fees. One way is via our Pre-Authorized Withdrawal program. To join, all you need to do is fill out this form, attach a copy of a void cheque or official document stamped by your bank, and send it to us via email, fax, or in person. It takes about 15 days to set it up, so please ensure you have it in before the 15th of the month. 


At Cornerstone Properties Ltd. we are very strict when it comes to protecting the privacy of our clients and the information we hold on their behalf. This is why we are so vigilant when it comes to asking for ID, not giving out specific information over the phone, or ensuring we have the correct authorization from Owners. Our policies err on the side of caution and protection, as we want our clients to know that we take the trust they have shown, very seriously.


Each Strata has its own bylaws and rules regarding renovations within the Strata units. Before planning any alterations, please ensure you have read your bylaws thoroughly so you are aware of any restrictions. You will also need to fill out an Indemnity Agreement prior to any work starting. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Property Manager.

Legal name changes / title changes

Any changes to the legal names on title must be forwarded to our office as soon as possible. This should be in writing, accompanied by a supporting document showing this change.