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    Lawyers / Notary Publics

    To order a Form F (Certificate of Payment) or a Form B (Information Certificate) for a sale or for mortgage purposes, Lawyers or Notary Publics can either e-mail or fax our office with the following information:

    1. Address of Sale
    2. Name of Selling Owner(s)
    3. Name of Purchasing Owner(s)
    4. PID number
    5. Completion Date
    6. What specific forms you require
    7. If the purchasing Owner will be residing within the unit
    8. Your contact information – phone number, email address, and mailing address

    Within 7 business days (unless otherwise stated) we will e-mail you a copy of the forms and mail you the originals along with an invoice for the cost of the forms.


    To order a Form B (Information Certificate), Realtors can log onto Strata Docs Online through the Victoria Real Estate board and obtain / order documents. If you are not a member of the Victoria Real Estate Board, please e-mail or call our office and we will discuss your options.