Protect Your Investment, Tenants, Strata and Rental Property

Preventing drama, conflict and litigation starts with managing expectations and clearly articulating responsibilities and obligations.

Cornerstone Properties Ltd. is a Victoria, B.C.-based professional property management firm. Focusing on best practices and understanding the unique relationship that exists between tenants and landlords; commercial clients and proprietors; strata members, corporations and the many fiduciary, maintenance and repair responsibilities, Cornerstone Properties is pleased to offer this “best practices” guide on discussing and dealing with the myriad issues which may impact a rental, commercial or strata property.

Check back often for new topics and discussions which will include:

  • Managing tenant expectations
  • Dealing with crisis
  • Roles, rules and obligations
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Helping tenants help themselves
  • Communications
  • Tenant screening to benefit the landlord and other tenants
  • Selecting a Strata/Condominium Agent

The goal is to speak to landlord, tenant and strata members and corporations and provide information and clarity on the many day-to-day issues professional property management firms such as Cornerstone Properties deal with.

The benefits of tenant insurance Part 1

A tenant with content and liability insurance can make life and work much less stressful and a rental property much more stable. However, while a Cornerstone Properties professional property manager or landlord cannot force a renter to purchase contents insurance, they can educate and inform tenants about the benefits and relatively small cost such a policy can offer.

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