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How do I pay my Strata Fees?

Fees should be submitted either by signing up for pre-authorized withdrawal with the Property Management Company or by sending the Property Management Company a series of post-dated cheques payable to your Strata Corporation.

What if I do not pay my Strata Fees?

Every Owner is required to pay their fees in full on the first day of every month. Interest may be charged on all outstanding balances at the end of each month. Failure to pay these fees may result in a lien being registered against the title of your property (at an additional charge to you) and, if you have a mortgage, your mortgage company will be contacted.

What do I own?

You own the interior of your unit. You also own a “share” of the common areas of your building and grounds that is based on your unit entitlement.

What about my yard?

In most Stratas, the yard is common property, meaning that all the Owners, as a group, own the grounds. Exceptions are some townhouse Stratas where portions of the yard are designated on the Strata Plan as PT (Part of the Strata Lot) or as LCP (Limited Common Property) set aside for the exclusive use of a particular strata lot. You do, however, have exclusive use of any fenced areas that access your unit. You are responsible for keeping your exclusive use area clean and tidy of garbage and debris, and possibly for mowing the grass. The Bylaws will outline whose responsibility it is to tend to the gardening of the townhouse units.

What is the Strata Council?

The Strata Council consists of Owners or representatives of Owners elected to manage or direct the management of the financial and physical affairs of your Strata property. They are responsible for making the decisions regarding contracts, improvements and investments for your Strata. The Strata Council’s role is to exercise the powers and perform the duties of the Strata Corporation, including the enforcement of Bylaws and Rules.

How is the Strata Council elected?

The Strata Council is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Owners by a majority vote. This is a meeting of all the Owners of the Strata Corporation. As a group, the Owners will discuss problems, concerns and future plans for the Strata Corporation, and elect the Council that will represent all of the Owners for the next year.

Do I have to carry insurance?

It is highly recommended. You should purchase what is called a Home Owner’s Policy. You are responsible for coverage for your personal belongings, as well as any upgrades you may make to flooring, fixtures or appliances. You should also carry liability insurance for protection in case of damage caused by negligence on your part, and or your tenant’s part, as you may be liable for the Strata Corporation’s deductible.

What if I have a problem with my unit?

All problems should be addressed, in writing, to the Property Manager at the Management Company. Your note should include a detailed outline of your concerns, your name, unit number and Strata name, and a daytime telephone number. Most requests and problems will be presented to the Strata Council for approval, and you will be contacted by letter once a decision has been made. Emergencies will be dealt with on an “as required basis”.

Am I permitted to have a pet?

Please refer to the current Bylaws for your Strata Corporation. In the Stratas that allow pets, you are responsible for picking up after your pet at all times. Your pet must be attended while in the common areas, as well as being leashed. Strata Councils often reserve the right to have pets removed from the property if they are creating a noise disturbance or nuisance to other occupants of your building. Some Stratas do not permit pets.

Can the Strata Corporation dictate where and what I park?

  • Yes. Typically, your unit will be assigned a parking stall as available, which you as an Owner, are responsible for maintaining. Under your Bylaws, vehicles that are non-operational, do not have a current license or do not have insurance can be removed from the property even though they are parking in your assigned stall. The Bylaws may also specify the type of vehicles that can be parked on site (i.e. passenger vehicles only, no commercial, recreational vehicles or large trucks, etc.).
  • Visitor parking is for visitors only. Vehicles found abusing these areas are subject to fines and towing at the discretion of the Strata Council and at the Owner’s expense.
  • In some instances, additional stalls are available for a monthly rental fee. Should you wish to rent an additional stall, you can contact the Management Company, or Site Manager, who will assign a stall to you as they become available.

What do I do if I need a storage locker?

Depending on the Strata, there may be enough lockers in the building to assign one to each unit. As this is not always the case, contact your Property Manager or site Manager to check on availability and if none are vacant, to place your name on a waiting list.

What if I decide to move a tenant into my unit?

In the event that you do not occupy your unit, you continue to be responsible for the actions of your tenant. Before renting your unit, you should carefully read the Bylaws to ensure that renting is permitted in the Strata. Your tenant must comply with all of the Bylaws as if they were an Owner. The Strata Corporation has the right to fine owners or tenants for non-compliance of the Bylaws. Also note that a Form K, signed by both you and your tenant, must be sent to the Property Manager within two weeks of your tenant moving into your unit.

What if I move, but do not sell my unit?

All Owners must contact in writing the Management Company with respect to any address changes to ensure that correspondence regarding the Strata Corporation is being received. The Strata Corporation does not assume responsibility for trying to locate Owners, and will not assume liability for any important information that is not received because an Owner does not make the appropriate address change.

Are there any procedures I must follow if I wish to renovate my unit?

You must request, in writing, to the Strata Council if you wish to make any alterations to the fixtures within your unit (walls, flooring, bathtub, kitchen, etc.), ensure all necessary permits are obtained and the alterations are not detrimental to the rest of the Owners. The Council will not hold your request unreasonably and once approval is granted, an Indemnity Agreement needs to be signed and provided to the Strata Corporation. Painting, putting up shelves and the like do not require Council approval.