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    • Yes. Typically, your unit will be assigned a parking stall as available, which you as an Owner, are responsible for maintaining. Under your Bylaws, vehicles that are non-operational, do not have a current license or do not have insurance can be removed from the property even though they are parking in your assigned stall. The Bylaws may also specify the type of vehicles that can be parked on site (i.e. passenger vehicles only, no commercial, recreational vehicles or large trucks, etc.).
    • Visitor parking is for visitors only. Vehicles found abusing these areas are subject to fines and towing at the discretion of the Strata Council and at the Owner’s expense.
    • In some instances, additional stalls are available for a monthly rental fee. Should you wish to rent an additional stall, you can contact the Management Company, or Site Manager, who will assign a stall to you as they become available.